Development History

Development History

In 1997

Registered in Berlin, German

In 1998

Bring in Germany's HOMAG production line, using the French KD professional design software.

In 1999

Built up close strategic partnership with the suppliers of materials.

In 2000

Getting ISO9001>2000 quality certification system.


Awarded as “Highly keep promise” company by Administration for Industry and Commerce department.

In 2004

Pass International environmental management certification, ISO14001, OHYSMS18001: 2001 In 2005, Established 10 speciality stores on the base of Zhejiang Market and aimed at whole East China.

In 2006

Awarded as “ Chinese famous brand”, “ Chinese well-known trademark”

In 2007

Awarded as “ Chinese 10 famous brand”, “ China quality journey integrity trusted tracking units  ”

In 2008

Awarded as “China Kitchen industry trust brand” by Chinese association of furniture and construction industry and commerce

In 2009

Bring in benz, BMW car painting for lacquer panels.

In 2010

Become a leader in cabinet industry with more than 160 stores in the world.

In 2011

Have patens more than 100 items,  awarded as the “ quality trust” system construction technology Outstanding Achievement Award, “ Excellent brand for after sales service”, “ Customer trust brand” , and awarded as “ 2010 Chinese influence brand”

In 2012

our product-I kitchen which won 19 National Technology Patents. Exhibited in the Xi’an World Horticultural Expo as only kitchen cabinet Product.

In 2013

Upgraded from complete kitchen cabinet to Cabinetry and Joinery.

In 2014

Welbom has a totally new journey, advocating Five Star Home Experience by customization for our clients.

In 2015

Successful transformation from kitchen design to Cabinetry and Joinery.

In 2016

WELPAY, a App of furniture, came out in Public. Jobswel (updated APP of WELPAY) released and operated.

Order Tracking

WELBOM CABINETRY&JOINERY 18# Chaimei Road, Fengchuan Industrial Estate, Tonglu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. National free service hotline: 400 7111 400

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